Innovation award for the dental industry

Innovation award is an award for the dental industry and handed out in 2017 for the third time at the Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition in November. The award is given to a company that has strived to improve the working conditions of dentists and other dental health professionals. Other aspects considered are the safety of patients and the overall quality of care. In the future the Innovation competition will be held every other year, next time in 2019.

The Innovation award highlights the best products and services on display at the exhibition and the winner is chosen by a jury consisting of dental care experts.

Innovation award winners

Innovation: QAdental

QAdental is a brand-new software for practical use. This pioneering Invention brings western expertise to the developing countries and also to the remote areas in the industrialized countries. QAdental is a place where all consultations, answers and learning material is available for all members, so the learning experience won’t be limited to one person. QAdental video

Honourable mention: Dentsply Sironan CEREC Guide 2 -programme (Hammasväline)
Honourable mention: Planmeca CALM™ algorithm (Plandent Oy)

Innovation: MeridentOptergo standardizing the use of loupes
Honourable mention: HELPie
Honourable mention: Planmeca ProModel

Innovation: KaVo DIAGNOcam
Honourable mention: Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™
Honourable mention: Salli Swing Saddle Chair